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The Musketeers Exec. Producer : Praise for Santiago Cabrera

Santiago was absolutely our first choice for Aramis as I’d seen him in Heroes and thought he’d be perfect. He was living in LA at the time we were casting and we persuaded him to do a reading on tape for us. The minute we watched it we knew he was exactly what we wanted and from that moment on, no other actor came anywhere near the role. He simply had everything we needed; physical beauty, charisma, intelligence and agility. But he was also very funny. And that was really important as we didn’t want Aramis to be just a shallow womaniser or fool.

He showed up for the first bootcamp already a proficient horseman but what we didn’t know than was just how fit and physically graceful he was (no doubt from his days as a footballer!). He was a natural with the sword fighting and stunt work from day one and he also loved it. He and the other boys bonded immediately and to this day remain incredibly close to each other. He has made the role his own and has bought colour and depth and emotional truth to the part.

Off camera Santi is a thoughtful, surprisingly quiet and modest man, quite chilled, but he is also very witty and sharp. I was sad we never managed to get a scene into The Musketeers that had him playing a guitar as he’s very musical. We did manage to get him speaking Spanish at times but he also speaks French, Italian and is learning German. There is very little this talented actor cannot do. I cannot now picture any other actor in the role, nor would I want to – he for me is the definitive Aramis.

Jessica Pope, BBC Executive Producer, The Musketeers 2013-2016
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