Co-workers : Praise for Santiago Cabrera

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Three days before we started shooting the Salvation pilot, we had a table read of the script where the cast was assembled for the first time. We had met Santiago, of course, but he hadn’t auditioned for the role of Darius Tanz; we cast him off his body of work up to that point, particularly Musketeers – after all, Darius is an “intellectual” swashbuckler. Within seconds, Santiago had the room spellbound. He was everything we had hoped for and more.

Santiago effortlessly tackles the role of Darius Tanz — charismatic genius, romantic lead and savior of the human race – with charm, wit and complexity.  His approach is always surprising, never too earnest and completely inspired.  Beloved by cast and crew (not to mention the fans), Santiago is truly special, both as an actor and a human being, and it has been a pleasure to work with him as a creative partner.

After 26 episodes, we’ve come to expect the kind of magic Santiago conjures up in a scene, but we’ve never stopped being amazed by it.   What can we say…we love the guy!

Liz Kruger / Craig Shapiro, Exec Producers / Showrunners Salvation

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Santiago is such an exceptional and intuitive performer and one of those rare talents who can take a page of dialogue and convey its meaning and emotion with a single look.

It was such a privilege to work with him on The Musketeers and seeing him find new and profound depths in the scenes I wrote for him. Aramis’ righteous fury when put on trial by Rochefort at the end of Season Two. His quiet devastation at all those lost years when he first catches sight of his son, The Dauphin. His spiritual and moral conflict when wondering whether or not to take Treville’s ministerial position at the end of Season Three.  Santiago is a natural born storyteller.

He is also one of the most generous and gracious souls I’ve ever met and a phenomenal musician. One of my happiest memories on the show is when a whole bunch of us were sat round in his flat at four in the morning (a little worse for wear!) watching Santi play guitar while Ryan Gage and Thalissa Teixeira gave the most beautiful rendition of ‘Hallelujah.’ That was some band let me tell you!

Simon Allen, Writer / Exec Producer The Musketeers, Season 3

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Santiago was absolutely our first choice for Aramis as I’d seen him in Heroes and thought he’d be perfect. He was living in LA at the time we were casting and we persuaded him to do a reading on tape for us. The minute we watched it we knew he was exactly what we wanted and from that moment on, no other actor came anywhere near the role. He simply had everything we needed; physical beauty, charisma, intelligence and agility. But he was also very funny. And that was really important as we didn’t want Aramis to be just a shallow womaniser or fool.

He showed up for the first bootcamp already a proficient horseman but what we didn’t know then was just how fit and physically graceful he was (no doubt from his days as a footballer!). He was a natural with the sword fighting and stunt work from day one and he also loved it. He and the other boys bonded immediately and to this day remain incredibly close to each other. He has made the role his own and has bought colour and depth and emotional truth to the part.

Off camera Santi is a thoughtful, surprisingly quiet and modest man, quite chilled, but he is also very witty and sharp. I was sad we never managed to get a scene into The Musketeers that had him playing a guitar as he’s very musical. We did manage to get him speaking Spanish at times but he also speaks French, Italian and is learning German. There is very little this talented actor cannot do. I cannot now picture any other actor in the role, nor would I want to – he for me is the definitive Aramis.

Jessica Pope, BBC Executive Producer, The Musketeers 2013-2016