Ema at Toronto Film Festival and more

Santiago attended a post-screening Q&A session at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) along with Pablo Larrain, Gael Garcia Bernal and Mariana di Girolamo.  The full video can be viewed below.  Here are a few of the highlights:

(Pablo) ‘Regattron is music from a generation, an entire content is listening to this music and you can’t get away from it.  It’s in every gas station, every supermarket in every car at a red light…I got to say I didn’t really like it but then we got into this process and then we had to really show what the generation is targeting.’

On why he chose to do a contemporary film rather than about the past (Pablo) “It’s already the past. It’s actually happening. This is the first generation form this century and it was amazing for us to look at them and create a movie and be a witness of their process. They belong to a dance company but they don’t want to be there, they want to be out in the streets dancing by themselves. Their own music. They want to be a collective movement but starting by themselves so that is something interesting.’

‘Mariana’a character is so many in one, a sister a daughter a lover a wife a dancer and finally a mother. Being able to portray that sensibility is just beautiful and a great opportunity.’

When did you write this? (Pablo) ‘We thought about it 3 years ago. We had an outline an idea of the movie and then we wrote most of the dialogue during the shooting, writing at night. But we hide the script from the actors, no one knew what we were actually doing but I thought it was a good process. Truly because sometimes with actors they want to control heir character and I don’t want that I want them to experience what we are, none of us know what going to happen in the next hour or tomorrow so why would you know so much about your life, so it’s an exercise which was hard sometimes, why am I doing this? But I believe we created a movie not only in the writing but also with the actors.’

(Santiago) ‘It was an interesting process because you didn’t have anything to hold onto. My first day of work was that scene, the one in bed with Mariana’s character a seven page scene that I received two hours before my pick up and then,you know, we got in the rehearsal down to five and rehearsed it but there was that one line in there ‘I’m always trying to do good’ so you find a hook, so I kind of understood the character I think we’ve all been there where you’re not ready to make the right decisions, or you don’t know yet, and then you start putting the pieces together….and knowing you are in great hands because you are working with a great director and a good cast, it’s exhilarating because you are on your toes all the time, you have to be…’

On how they played with the idea of family – (Santiago) “well its about so many things, I thought that was the idea, family was the hook into it, so you kind of go with the experience of it. But there is definitely something to understand at least in the initial approach. You know, we live in a world where families, people make their own partnerships and the movie in a way is saying something about that, who defines a relationship. and there is a coming together at the end whether you like it or not, they do come together…’

Variety Studio at Toronto International Film Festival, Presented by AT&T

Santiago Cabrera, Pablo Larrain, Gael Garcia Bernal and Mariana Di Girolamo interviewed by Variety Studio at TIFF.   More insight into the filming of ‘Ema’.

Fabula Productions Instagram story

Fabula Productions posted an Instagram story promoting ‘Ema’ which premieres in Chile on September 26th 2019.  Santiago featured in a short video, speaking in Spanish.  Here’s a translation in English :

‘Hi, I’m Santiago Cabrera, I want to invite the audience in Chile to watch the film ‘Ema’ by Pablo Larrain, which premieres this Thursday 26 September in the cinemas of Chile, with the excellent performance of Mariana di Girolamo.  It’s a movie with music, a lot of dance, a lot of rhythm, in Valparaiso.  It was made for the cinema and hope you will watch in the cinema. Ciao’

Audio interview with Coperativa Chile

An audio interview with Santiago in Spanish.  Click the image below to follow the link and listen.

MUBI acquires exclusive UK rights to ‘Ema’

As reported in ScreenDaily, MUBI has acquired exclusive UK rights to Ema:

‘Streaming service and theatrical distributor MUBI has taken UK and Ireland rights to Ema, Pablo Larraín’s dancer drama that premiered at Venice earlier this month.  The Match Factory is handling international rights to the film.
The film stars Gael García Bernal and Mariana Di Girolamo and centres on the eponymous Ema, a talented dancer who rethinks her life after a shocking incident upends her family life and marriage to a tempestuous choreographer.
It was written by Guillermo Calderón, Alejandro Moreno and Larraín and produced by Fabula’s Juan de Dios Larraín. Paola Giannini and Santiago Cabrera also star.’

Read the full article here.

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