Santiago Cabrera hopes for Salvation CBS Season 3

While still waiting for news on Salvation CBS Season 3 renewal, Santiago (and someone Salvation fans know very well) sent a video message via his Instagram account to all the Salvation fans:

‘Quick Message to all you Salvation fans out there who have been clamoring and demanding a Season 3, thank you so much, you guys have been amazing, your support is incredible.  Keep kicking and screaming , we haven’t heard anything yet, hopefully we’ll get good news soon, and for now I’ll just leave you with someone you know very well who wanted to send his own message of appreciation, so just swipe across your screens and you’ll see what I’m talking about… Bye! ‘

You can view the message below and on Santiago’s Instagram account here.

Salvation CBS

Salvation is a weekly summer series which airs in the U.S. on CBS network.  CBS Television Studios produce Salvation in association with Secret Hideout. The first season of Salvation and all episodes from Season 2 can be streamed now on CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Netflix in international territories. The Season 1 DVD is also available from Amazon.

One of Season 2 incredible twists sees Darius transforming into his equally eccentric alter ego, materials scientist Dr Raul Aguirre – who of course we see in the videos above!  You can see Santiago’s time lapse video of that amazing disguise transformation here.

The show is currently on hiatus following completion and airing of Season 2 while waiting on potential renewal for a 3rd season.  Hoping for good news soon.

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