Sadly, we learned a few days ago that Salvation the one-hour thriller / drama starring Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe, Ian Anthony Dale and Jacqueline Byers will not be renewed for a Season 3 in 2019. CBS made the announcement Monday, November 19, 2018 via Variety and Deadline online press among others.

Salvation showed a unique take on the usual network drama with interesting themes of tech and science. Although the show struggled in the ratings during the first two seasons it developed a strong fan base and rapid fandom on social media. Several members of the cast, crew, writers and showrunners posted sadness about news of the show’s demise on social media on Monday. The official Salvation writers twitter account is here and cast members account can be found in this list.  Verified accounts always have a blue tick showing the account is authentic.

All involved in the show thank the fans for their support. Fans are hoping for another network or cable outlet to pick up the show and continue production. Check social media, especially Twitter, for the hashtag #SaveSalvation for how you can show your support and join that effort.

Fans are tweeting using #SaveSalvation and also tagging in @Netflix @NetflixUK @AmazonStudios (Amazon Prime) and @CBSAllAccess in their tweets as these are the platforms Salvation is currently airing on.  Fans in over 50 countries have tweeted their love of the show and their hopes for it to be picked up for a third season. Fan pressure for renewal has worked for other shows and a loyal fan base and strong support is seen by networks and streaming services as essential if a show is to be considered for pick up.

Fans can also post on the Salvation Official Facebook page, and contact Netflix directly here, and Amazon Studios here and tell them why they love the show and want a third season.