Salvation producers praise Santiago Cabrera

Site administrators recently received a note from  Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro, Executive Producers/Show Runners of Salvation, about their experience working with Santiago Cabrera in his starring role as Darius Tanz.  Liz and Craig are are pictured above with Santiago (on his immediate left) and some of the other writers and crew during the Season 2 finale screening.

Here’s a snippet:

“Santiago effortlessly tackles the role of Darius Tanz — charismatic genius, romantic lead and savior of the human race – with charm, wit and complexity. His approach is always surprising, never too earnest and completely inspired.
Beloved by cast and crew (not to mention the fans), Santiago is truly special…”

(from Santi: “Thanks Liz and Craig, very nice. – S.”)

See the entire passage along with other peers’ praise on the Praise for Santiago page of this website here.

In a recent interview with CBS Local, Santiago was asked how his experience on Salvation compared to his experiences on other TV and movie sets.  He mentioned Liz and Craig, saying,  “It’s wonderful to be able to go on a creative journey with the people behind the show. Anything you do has to be a collaborative process. The character needs to live through you and use you to create the storylines. Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro love everyone in the cast, love everyone’s character and want to do them all justice. Season one was so strong and in season two we hit the ground running because we start to realize what works. They know the characters and the actors better now and that’s very precious material.”

He was also asked what was the greatest challenge of playing Darius – “He is a tech genius, who is so ahead of the game. There’s a lot of science talk and those scenes are a challenge because you have to sound smarter than you actually are. You are talking about stuff that is so beyond you and a lot of the time those end up being the most fun scenes to do. They are quite thrilling and exhilarating. Those are the biggest challenges in terms of learning the lines because there is a lot of technical talk. It keeps you on your toes and it’s fun….Season 2 is full of surprises and there are some incredible twists and turns. ”

One of Season 2 incredible twists sees Darius transforming into his equally eccentric alter ego, materials scientist Dr Raul Aguirre!  You can see Santiago’s time lapse video of that amazing disguise here.

Salvation is a weekly summer series which airs in the U.S. on CBS network.  CBS Television Studios produce Salvation in association with Secret Hideout. The first season of Salvation and all episodes from Season 2 can be streamed now on CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Netflix in international territories. The Season 1 DVD is also available from Amazon.

The show is currently on hiatus following completion and airing of Season 2 while waiting on potential renewal for a 3rd season.

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