Salvation Season 2 Premiere Tonight

Salvation season 2 premiere airs tonight, Monday 25 June 9/8c on CBS!  Be sure to tune in to find out if Darius gets a chance to save the world from the asteroid that’s still hurtling on a collision course with Earth.  Season 2 opens with Darius and Liam (Charlie Rowe) continuing to work on a possible solution to the crisis, while those about to be launched into space to escape the impending disaster — including Pentagon press secretary Grace, played by Jennifer Finnigan — are dealing with a potential nuclear war and also with leaving loved ones behind.  And this time the secret is out – the world knows the asteroid is coming.

The cast will be live tweeting with the east coast feed, follow along and join in on hashtag #SalvationCBS !

A few teasers and interviews released today ahead of the premiere.  A few of these below, some contain mild spoilers.

Enjoy the premiere!

Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight posted an exclusive sneak peak of the premiere.  View it here or by clicking on the image below.

Salvation Season 2

Daily Herald

Jay Bobbit interview with Jennifer Finnigan in Daily Herald.

“We pick up the way we left off, with Grace and about 160 others locked in the ark and just sort of in a holding pattern,” Finnigan says. “The funny part is that within 10 minutes of being in the ark, everybody starts freaking out because they can’t get cell service! I think that’s the most realistic story line in the show so far. I would say the biggest change in Season 2 is that it’s not as centered on the asteroid,” allows Finnigan. “It becomes much more geopolitical, really about the internal politics of the country. We’re almost nearing a civil war in the show, and I think it’s really timely.

Read the full interview here.

Article and interview with show runners Craig Shaprio and Liz Kruger in  “It has a lot of thriller aspects to it as we dig into how governments come into play, and there’s different factions, and coups, all within the pressure cooker,” Shapiro said. “When you put that kind of extinction-level event on top of the whole story, it’s infused into all the scenes, including the ones that have nothing to do with an extinction-level event. All the human relationships are fused like diamonds; it’s very intense.”

This season will follow the characters’ personal journeys, they said, with particularly dramatic highs and lows for Tanz and Grace Barrows (played by Jennifer Finnigan), who has become a special adviser to the U.S. president. At the beginning of the season, Barrows will still be dealing emotionally with having killed someone.

Read the full interview here.

CBS Interview Matt Kreiss

CBS Local’s Matt Kreiss interviewed Jennifer Finnigan and Ian Anthony Dale.

MW: How are your characters affected by this new, even more unstable landscape they find themselves in?

IAD: Our characters are challenged in ways they never thought imaginable. As if solving the riddle of how to stop a killer asteroid wasn’t hard enough without any sort of outside interference – in season two they’re just bombarded by outside entities wanting to undermine them, derail them, and they have their own agenda. It differs significantly from our very genuine and moral plan to save mankind. Its amazing how an event such as this really does bring out the best in some people and the absolute worst in others…

JF: …and often times both.

IAD: Yea, often times both. As a show we get to ask the audience, ‘What would you do in a similar situation? How would you approach this? Would you be good or would you be bad or would you be a little bit of both?’

JF: All the while, by the way, we’re still weaving in the romance and the intrigue and our personal lives. I’m still a mom of a young girl. He is still the father of a son that he just recently lost. And Grace, of course, killed Claire at the end of season one so she’s dealing with carrying that burden. She’s really haunted by that this season. The beauty of the show is, within the realm of this massive geopolitical event that’s incoming – we also are still living our lives every single day.

Read the full interview here

Salvation Season 2

Season 2 of Salvation is being filmed in Vancouver through to August 3rd.  Air date for premiere is Monday June 25 at 9/8c on CBS.
 CBS Television Studios produces Salvation in association with Secret Hideout. The first season of Salvation can be streamed now on CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Netflix. The DVD is also available from Amazon. Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro again serve as Season 2 show runners/executive producers. Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Peter Lenkov, and Stuart Gillard are also executive producers.

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