Simon Allen praises Santiago Cabrera

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Simon Allen praises Santiago Cabrera

NEW! Simon Allen praises Santiago Cabrera

The website recently received a great quote from former Musketeers’ Writer / Executive Producer / Show Runner Simon Allen regarding his impressions working with Santiago Cabrera. Simon is pictured above on the right, with writing partner and co-showrunner Simon Ashford on the left. The quote is posted in its entirety on the co-workers “praise” page of this website.

Here’s a small sample:

“Santiago is such an exceptional and intuitive performer and one of those rare talents who can take a page of dialogue and convey its meaning and emotion with a single look.”

(from Santi: Thanks Simon! Couldn’t be more complimented. – S.)

See the whole quote along with other peers’ praise here.

Check back soon for more quotes from some of Santiago’s other past and present co-workers.

As a reminder, this site changes often. Please check the front page for any updates you may have missed.


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