Santiago Cabrera Transformers: The Last Knight Chicago Premiere and more

Santiago attended the Chicago premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight on 20th June 2017. Chicago is just a short trip from Toronto where Santi is filming the summer suspense thriller Salvation.  Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Jerrod Carmichael, Remi Adeleke and director Michael Bay all walked the red carpet at the Civic Opera House in Chicago.  Sir Anthony Hopkins also joined the cast for the first time during the press tour.

Lots of great pictures and interviews!

Santiago posted to his Instagram account too…

Santiago Cabrera Transformers Chicago

‘Backstage with the legend himself @anthonyhopkins #transformers ‘


#transformers screening about to happen. On stage at Chicago Opera house for premiere. #imax

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A few photos from the red carpet and backstage…

Santiago Cabrera Transformers The Last Knight Chicago

Santiago Cabrera Transformers The Last Knight Chicago

Santiago Cabrera Transformers The Last Knight Chicago Santiago Cabrera Transformers The Last Knight Chicago


Santiago gave a fantastic interview to MTV on the red carpet, you can watch it here from about 27 mins in…



Another red carpet interview, this time to Rufio from Kiss FM.  Follow the link to Kiss FM public Facebook page and watch from around 12.20 minutes…


And this great interview by phone to Greg Barnard host of “The Recap”  about his role in the movie, his favorite autobot, fitness, insight into Santos the TRF mercenary and what it’s like to be on a Michael Bay set.

And some other funny moments….listen to find out 😉


More photos on the Michael Bay Flickr photostream here.


Interview in ‘Hoy’

And an interview with ‘Hoy’ where Santiago talks again about working with Michael Bay and defends him against criticism he gets, Isabela Moner’s bright future and how Mark Wahlberg made his first day on set easy for him.

Here’s a translated extract, you can read the full interview here.


“When you are in something like this, you realize that the experience is very different from everything you have done before; But I really liked Michael was concerned that my character, the commander of a government force against the Transformers, felt like a real military man, even if he was at war with some giant robots. ” “My team had extras that had been ‘Navy Seals’ and ‘Army Rangers’, and the training helped me to be credible within this environment.”

This has been a turning point in the career of Cabrera, who defends Bay against the rejection that usually shown by the critics of films. “Those who think that belittle the level of detail behind what they do,” he said. “When I worked with him I realized his knowledge of film and the passion he felt for the format, since this film was filmed entirely with IMAX cameras, which is very unusual.”

“He has an immense capacity as a choreographer; The way he handles the whole set is something really impressive, “he continued. “I’ve worked with nominated directors or Oscar winners like Steven Soderbergh and Philip Kaufman, and I put Bay on the same list of great filmmakers, even though he practices a different style.”

The other major Hispanic figure in the fifth installment of this hit saga is Isabela Moner, a 15-year-old girl who plays a combative and heroic orphan named Izabella. “Her mother, who is Peruvian, was on the set all the time; We talked a lot and went out to eat with them,” Cabrera recalled. “I see a great future for Isabela; she’s exposed to all sorts of things in this industry, but she has a very definite personality and a strong family nucleus that will definitely help her. “

As for the protagonist Mark Wahlberg, with whom he shares many moments on the screen, Santiago said that it is “an actor that I have always admired and that despite being a star makes you feel calm and at home. My first day at work was with him, and he made things super easy for me. “


And continuing the Transformers theme, Jennifer Finnigan (Santi’s co-star in Salvation CBS) posted a fun Instagram of them fooling around with Transformers Snapchat filters 😀


With a RL #Transformers 😱😝!! @santiagoc #transformersthelastknight #santos @salvationcbs #salvation #salvationcbs

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Transformers: The Last Knight is in theaters now.

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