Santiago Cabrera New Interview The Morning Show

Santiago has appeared on The Morning Show in Toronto, Canada talking about working with Michael Bay on Transformers: The Last Knight,  why his drama teacher in Chile kept suggesting he should do a play rather than soccer training , working on Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon and Jean Marc Vallee, and Salvation CBS.

It’s a fantastic interview, insightful even though brief, and Santi being as charming as ever and looking happy and relaxed,  despite being a very busy guy at the moment!

Watch and enjoy the interview here and a few screen caps below too 🙂


Santiago Cabrera The Morning Show



Santi talking about Santos and his role in Transformers: The Last Night

And here’s Santi on MovieRoomReviews talking briefly about his role as Santos and the part he plays in the movie …


Check back soon for more Santi news !