Santiago Cabrera La Tercera Interview Chilean Newspaper March 3rd, 2o17

Santiago gave an interview to La Tercera newspaper that appeared in March 3rd, 2017 edition.   In the interview he talks about his role in Big Little Lies, his thoughts on Latino stereotyping, starting to record the new CBS TV series Salvation and longer term wanting to return to Chile with a project of his own.

Here’s the interview translated into English.
(Please note this is only one translation from the original Spanish text and others may be slightly different)

Santiago Cabrera: “I would like to return to Chile with a project of my own”

“I think work always leads to more work. The only thing I can control is to focus on working and creating relevant characters. Whether that results in success or not is seen later, “says Santiago Cabrera on how he has reached the point of participating with a few months apart in an HBO miniseries and a mega Hollywood production Transformers: The Last Knight. The Chilean actor is no stranger to this reality: raised in different parts of the world, his career has also developed for more than a decade on international soil.

In Big Little Lies, which the cable channel broadcasts on Sundays at 11 pm, Cabrera plays Joseph, sharing a screen with actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, who follow the falsely perfect lives of a wealthy community, where soon there will be a murder. “I am the theater director of the play that Reese’s character is trying to produce. And as the chapters progress, viewers will realize that their relationship goes beyond the professional, “he says, adding:”the fact of working with director Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club), whom I admired very much, and HBO, guaranteed that he would be a character very well treated and with a special subtlety.”

Do you feel there is a greater participation of Latinos in Anglo television? Or are you still struggling with stereotypes?

It is always a struggle, at least until it is not always a theme and becomes part of the norm, instead of presenting itself as a search for ‘diversity’. I understand why the discussion is taking place as there are still many stereotypes. But I feel that the industry is pointing more towards content and that there are opportunities for everyone. I hope this is a conversation that is left behind, and that its is something natural. As I have lived in many places, my opinion is that we are all the same in this globalized world. But sometimes the industry tells you otherwise.”

Do you plan to return to a Latin American project or for now focus on North America?

Now we are starting to record a series in Canada for CBS (Salvation), and just yesterday we were talking to the director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in Spanish and thought how good it was to be doing an American series in Toronto and speaking Spanish;  it is a sign of how the industry has changed. But Latin America is also doing very interesting things and I am always very willing to work there. I would like in the long run to return to Chile with some project of my own. I would never disregard Latin America because I love working in Spanish, I feel that the stories written by Latinos have a different sensitivity. And I will always look for that experience. “


You can read the full interview in the original Spanish text in La Tercera here.

Interview credits: La Tercera interviewer Matías de la Maza, picture credit: HBO/La Tercera

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