Santiago Cabrera Interview in El Colombiano and more

Santiago gave a new interview to El Colombiano, the leading newspaper in Antioquia department of Colombia.  It covered similar ground to his recent interview in La Tercera but with some new snippets and information.  Here’s the interview translated into English.  (Please note this is only one translation from the original Spanish text and others may be slightly different)

Santiago Cabrera, the Chilean who makes his way in Hollywood

The actor Santiago Cabrera has been walking in Hollywood for 13 years, as he says, step by step, to consolidate himself as an actor. HBO’s Big Little Lies series has just premiered in which he appears with famed stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. A soccer fan, the Chilean is also remembered for his roles in Heroes, Merlin and The Musketeers.

For this year plans continue with the new series Salvation, also in the movie Transformers: The Last Knight.  COLOMBIAN talked with the 38-year-old actor about his work on Big Little Lies, his Latino challenge in Hollywood and his plans.

What caught your attention of this character and this production?

“Obviously being in the hands of Jean-Marc Vallée, a director who I admired a lot and with actresses of the stature of Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. At first I did not know the full story but I knew it was based on a book and all the elements were there. The sensitivity of the director gave me to understand that any character that was in his hands would be treated with a very special care, with delicacy and a very deep vision.

What is your role in Big Litte Lies?

“I play a theater director in Monterey*. And, Reese’s character works in community theater. At first she is putting together a controversial work, controversial because it is a mature adult work. There is a request to stop the play and the story of my character begins when she comes to me to try to intercede with the town mayor. The play is okay’d (continues) and through that the audience begins to realize that there is something more than this professional relationship between these two. That’s when my character starts to have more relevance to the story. ”
(*Ed. note: Monterey is a coastal community midway between LA and San Francisco in California)

How was the work environment with so many stars?

“One is aware of the status and what these stars have done in their career, but also when it comes to working together, we become colleagues. People like Reese and Nicole are recognized for their work, but while working together, one does not see them as celebrities but as work colleagues.They are grounded and very professional. I had to work more with Reese but I had already worked with Nicole. In this series we had a couple of scenes.

What was it like working with Reese and knowing that she is the producer of the series?

“From the first minute it made me feel great, like a partnership, like somebody else. Being a producer, and not just the starring actress, added a lot because we had the freedom to create a bit and adjust the scenes, because she had that freedom, that voice within the project that was also in her hands. It was great to see it from that point of view, because even though everything (in the script) was very polished, you can always improve or add something. We had a great time together and did a lot of improvisation in the scenes and that was really fun. ”

Do you feel that today the space for Latino actors in the Anglo market is greater or still have to fight against stereotypes?

“I think there is still a fight, it (the Industry) is still talking about diversity and the subject is almost mandatory, but it happens because it has yet to be noted, somehow stereotypes are still being given. I find that we (Latin actors) are increasingly (appearing) in the Industry, it doesn’t matter whether it is in television, cable or cinema, there are many opportunities for good content to find the way out. The important thing is to find where the stories are and as the good content continues to grow we will continue to gain ground. I have always seen it as if we are all in one (big family) and we are all in the same boat. ”

Do you have a project in the Latin market or are you still in the North American market?

“We are starting a project in Toronto, a CBS series called Salvation with the Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. I realize that they are doing very interesting things in Latin America and I am always willing, hoping that something good will come and I would love to go to Chile with a project of my own but it is something long term.  More immediately I would never discount something from Latin America because I like to work in Spanish. Latin projects are very interesting because they come from another perspective. So, for me it would be very attractive to approach a character from that perspective, from that experience, then I will look for it.

How was the preparation for the character of Joseph Bachman?

“I was a community theater director and I went to meet people who run theaters in California. I went to Palm Springs where I got into the reality of running a theater and that helped me most to master that world. The rest was through the book. I read it to see the tone of this world.  And with Reese, we had very good conversations before filming, we shared very good ideas about creating that relationship.

What about the football? It is known that you played a lot …

“Football will always be there, I’m still a fan but I can not play very much due to lack of time, but when I can, I do.”

You starts the year on HBO and will be also be in Transformers, how do you assimilate the recognition you’re getting?

“Always working is a big positive. Work leads to work, and my goal is to always handle it in the best way possible. The only thing I can control and do is to focus on the work, approach it my way, create a character, do something relevant. That’s the only thing I can control. As to if it is a success, and how one thing leads to another, (I know) it is out of your hands. ”

Do you have a professional dream?

“Yes, the list is endless. One talks about Martin Scorsese and then a movie like Whiplash.  And then you see the work of Damien Chazelle, and so, he is a new director who is doing interesting things. I am wanting to work with the best in their field, so also the best writers. I am always looking for scripts, good scripts. When something is well written it is interesting. I would always like to work with top-notch people, that’s where you can express yourself in the best way, to look for those projects where you feel comfortable and your work is in the best hands. ”

Do you feel more comfortable in series or movies?

“What ultimately matters is the content, it’s the story itself and the characters. You see films such as Lion and Moonlight and see how in two hours the they’ve successfully developed the possibility of great characters. But, there is no doubt that television is now attracting great filmmakers and actors. This is a golden era, and television offers an attractive ingredient for good content too, and develops (great)  characters but the cinema also has its magic. ”


New Instagram post!

Santiago also posted an adorable new photo on Instagram and Twitter!  His family have now arrived in Toronto where he is filming, and he posted this beautiful photo of himself with his little boy Kilian.


Santiago Cabrera Toronto

“Family arrived. Finally! Very missed they were. Little one in charge already #Toronto “


Santiago’s Instagram account can be found here, and his twitter account can be found here.


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