Santiago Cabrera Transformers 5 official trailer

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Santiago Cabrera Transformers 5 official trailer

Santiago Cabrera Transformers 5 official trailer

The new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight is out now.  It passed an incredible 100 million views in two days and is officially the third most watched trailer in 2016!

Santiago retweeted the trailer on his Twitter account.











You can view the Transformers : The Last Knight Trailer here below.

Transformers 5 official trailer



Transformers: The Last Knight Teaser Poster “Rethink Your Heroes”.

Transformers: The Last Knight Teaser Poster “Rethink Your Heroes” has been released. The poster has raised commentary online and to many fans’ horror shows the apparent demise of BubbleBee (see lower right of poster) at the hands of Optimus Prime. Has Optimus gone over to the dark side?
Also viewable in the background is a sinking ship or submarine of some sort. Earlier clips from the shoot have shown Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock characters on a “sub” set, but whether an ancient or new Cybertronian vessel is unknown. The posters tag line “Rethink Your Heroes” seems to suggest a “new” Optimus Prime – one with a darker character. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.










Transformers: The Last Knight general info

Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth installment of the Transformers series, reunites director Michael Bay with Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and Peter Cullen, who will once again voice Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Additions to the cast include Isabela Moner, Jerrod Carmichael, Laura Haddock, Santiago Cabrera and Anthony Hopkins.

The plot is rumoured to tie into Arthurian legend. Optimus Prime returns to his his home planet Cybertron to find it a wasteland. He realises that he is to blame for the destruction and learns that he can restore his world with a mysterious artifact. There is speculation that the legendary sword Excalibur might be the artifact in question which seems reasonable, given that a sword features in the logo for the new movie….

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 23rd, 2017.

Santiago Cabrera’s twitter account can be found here, and Santiago Cabrera’s Instagram account is here.







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