Santiago Cabrera shines Musketeers DVD Box Set

The Musketeers Season 3 DVD and Seasons 1-3 Box Set are released today (15th August 2016) in UK.  The S3 DVD includes all episodes plus ‘Secrets of Musketeers’ featurettes – Season 3 update, France v Spain, The Villains, Strong Women, Set tour, Costume Tour. The Series from BBC ran from 2014-2016 for a total of three complete seasons (30 hours of programming) to worldwide acclaim. The original Alexandre Dumas story of the The Three Musketeers was given a fresh presentation from creator Adrian Hodges. The well-loved characters of D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera), Porthos (Howard Charles) and Athos (Tom Burke) swashed and buckled to the delight of viewers in original airings and now are available in a DVD Box Set in the UK and in the US later this year.

Santiago Cabrera The Musketeers DVD

Season 3 Musketeers DVD UK cover artwork


Santiago Cabrera The Musketeers DVD Seasons 1-3 Box Set

Musketeers Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set UK Artwork

The release date for North America is set for 11th October 2016.  The cover artwork is slightly different for North American edition..


Santiago Cabrera The Musketeers Box Set

Musketeers Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set North American Edition


All three seasons are already available to stream and/or download on BBC Store, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes. Watch some of the “extras” included on the DVD here at the BBC Musketeers page.

Santiago Cabrera as Aramis S3 Musketeers













Santiago Cabrera gives an astonishing performance as Aramis throughout the series.  Purchase or download The Musketeers Seasons 1-3 to enjoy his ‘definitive’ Aramis over and over again!


Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth installment of the Transformers series, reunites director Michael Bay with Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and Peter Cullen, who will once again voice Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Additions to the cast include Isabela Moner, Jerrod Carmichael, Laura Haddock, Santiago Cabrera and Anthony Hopkins.

The plot is rumoured to tie into Arthurian legend. Optimus Prime returns to his his home planet Cybertron to find it a wasteland. He realises that he is to blame for the destruction and learns that he can restore his world with a mysterious artifact. There is speculation that the legendary sword Excalibur might be the artifact in question which seems reasonable, given that a sword features in the logo for the new movie….

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 23rd, 2017.