Latest UPDATE Aug. 15, 2016

UK : Airdate announcement for UK Season 3 of The Musketeers.
Airing on BBC One in UK has passed. Now only available viewing on BBC One iPlayer. Or purchase the DVD of Season 3 or Box Set of all three seasons.

US: Streaming all three seasons now on HULU in the U.S. continuing.
DVD will be available in US from Amazon beginning Oct. 2016.

Australia: Season 3 Now available in Australia on BBC First beginning Aug. 11, 2016

Latin America: Season 3 Now on Netflix streaming in most Latin American countries including Mexico.

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UPDATE: May 12, 2016

Hulu has announced The Musketeers May 14, 2016 airdate for Season 3 streaming episodes available in U.S.

See announcement via this afternoon’s Variety online posting:


This is great news for U.S. audiences! Hulu is a channel to watch premium original series, full seasons of hit shows, current episodes, movies and more. Subscriptions are available for $7.99 p/month here:

All three series of The Musketeers will be available to stream on Hulu beginning May 14.


There is currently a lot of confusion and misinformation floating around on the internet about The Musketeers Season 3 Air Dates in the UK however.
Here is the latest info from show producers.
The BBC air dates of the show in the UK are still not official. Showrunner Simon Allen has reported that the show will air on BBC 1 starting sometime in “late May” as probable, likely between May 28-Jun 3. 
The show IS airing in some other locations in other worldwide markets. And as reported above, Hulu has just announced (on May 12) they has picked out airing rights for all three series to stream on the Hulu U.S. channel beginning Sat. May 14, 2016.
Currently confirmed airings also in Greece (OTE), Turkey (TLC), and Canada (Showcase).

Netflix apparently has acquired air rights for the entire Season 3 (all episodes) in Latin American markets (Mexico and Central and South America). The show is blocked for US to air on Netflix LatAm.

Netflix released the Season 3 episodes for the Latin American markets.

Stay tuned to this space for more news on The Musketeers airdates.



UPDATE: March 24, 2016 LATEST INFO on The Musketeers Air-Date

Quoting from announcement in Greek press:

World premiere 3rd cycle The Musketeers in OTE TV (in Greece)

The world premiere of the third cycle of the popular drama series BBC The Musketeers OTE TV, stands out this week in the program of OTE CINEMA channels. The successful series with the known heroes of Alexander Dumas, D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis (played by) Luke Paskalino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera respectively, will start running Tuesday 29 March at 22.00 at OTE CINEMA 4 before its premiere in America and England.

OTE Cinema is a premium television service available in Greece that broadcasts blockbuster movies and hit series.

Source:  Greek news website “”

Jessica Pope, The Musketeers’ Exec Producer,  has responded to fans’ questions about air date for the show on her twitter that other countries besides Greece (possibly Turkey and New Zealand) will also begin airing Season 3 next week. She confirms the show will likely air “a little later in May in the UK”.

An “official” promo trailer for the airing of upcoming series in Greece briefly was available on YouTube but is now “locked” (unavailable) if viewer is not in Greece territory. But, we’ve obtained a copy and embedded it here for you:
Greek OTE Official Promo Trailer.


No official promo or confirmed air date for the show is currently available in the UK or US.  Watch this space for further updates.


UPDATE: March 14, 2016
From Jessica Pope / Musketeers Exec. Producer’s Twitter. Previously unpublished pic from shooting last year. We’re hoping this tweet post means the show will air sometime in April or May for a straight 10 week run. Howard Charles and Ryan Gage were at a Comic Con last weekend and when asked said they were thinking the same. Stay tuned to this space for updates on Season 3 airdate when confirmed by BBC.

UPDATE  Feb. 20, 2016: The Musketeers Season 3 air dates. Show is currently in post production. Picture is locked and Paul Englishby, series music composer has reported he is in Prague this week (Feb. 19, 2016) working on the final musical score with a 60 piece orchestra. Series show-runner Simon Allen has reported that Series 3 is still expected to be delivered to BBC in March, 2016 for airing sometime later in 2016. No firm air date has been announced.