Santiago Cabrera guest stars in The Mindy Project

As announced previously, Santi has appeared alongside Mindy Kaling  in The Mindy Project.   Season 4, Episode 21 ‘Under The Texan Sun‘ aired on Hulu in US on 31st May 2016.

Here’s a brief ,non-spoiler plot summary:  On a trip to visit Peter in Texas, Mindy tries to use a handsome stranger to soothe her relationship troubles – Santi plays Diego, the ‘handsome stranger’, who is not just the pool boy Mindy assumes he is…!

A great episode in this very successful show.  Santi/Diego is funny, charming and delivers a great line that leaves Mindy lost for words at the end of the episode!   Catch ‘Under The Texan Sun’ on Hulu. “The Mindy Project is streaming now.


The Mindy Project Under The Texan Sun