Transformers: The Last Knight announced the casting of Santiago Cabrera.

Filming on the movie started with a few remote shoots last month, with principal photography for most of the cast beginning June 20, 2016 in the Detroit area. Other Transformers movies have also been filmed in the same locations. Micheal Bay is the director.
The movie plot and cast’s roles have been kept secret at this point, although internet rumors suggest the movie will involve the return of Optimus Prime along with Mark Walberg’s character, Josh Duhamel’s character, Tyrese Gibson’s character also reprising their roles from earlier films. Other actors announced include Santiago, Laura Haddock (a Santi co-star from Season 3 of The Musketeers as Pauline in Episode 4), Isabel Moner from the Disney Channel, and Anthony Hopkins.


The Movie’s Teaser Poster seems to support internet rumors involving the King Arthur’s Sword Excalibur.
Stay tuned. We’ll post more about T5 as it becomes available.