Aramis – New Musketeers S3 Pic from Jessica Pope

Jessica Pope, Executive Producer of the BBC’s The Musketeers, shared this behind the scenes pic of Santiago Cabrera as Aramis on her twitter feed today with a fun caption…!  Much speculation as to what might be happening with the gallows in the background, plus the two pics below previously posted by Jessica and Matt Stokoe/Captain Marcheaux, bad guy Captain of the Red Guard on his Instagram account.

Excitement for Season 3 of The Musketeers is building!

You can view Jessica Pope’s Twitter account here .  Matt Stokoe’s IG account here . And Santi’s IG account here.


Jessica Pope Musketeers S3 Aramis


Jessica Pope MusketeersS3 Twitter


Matt Stokoe IG, MuskteersS3