Santiago Cabrera New Instagram Pics Berlin

Santi posted two new pics to his Instagram account today.  The first (see below) is captioned ‘Linienstrasse. #Berlin’ and shows a sunset and view down Linienstrasse.  The second (see above) is of Santi himself sitting at a table of a street sculpture at Koppenplatz, called Der Verlassene Raum (The Deserted Room).  It’s a simple yet very poignant monument dedicated to Jewish people who had to escape quickly when Nazis appeared.  More information on the sculpture here

Santi didn’t add a caption to The Verlassene Raum picture and there has been some fun speculation if it has another meaning, but it’s great shot, wonderful light and composition as with his other photos.  You can see more on Santiago’s IG account here.

Santiago Cabrera Linienstrasse Berlin

Linienstrasse. #Berlin

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