Santiago Cabrera New Instagram Pic

Santi posted a new pic to his Instagram account October 2015 of Santi looking out over a spectacular view of Prague (Praha to Czech natives) on a clear autumn day.
The comment Santi wrote to accompany this pic was ‘Praha, never ceases to impress’ .

The Musketeers is filmed at various locations in the Czech Republic and is co-produced by BBC Drama/BBCA/BBCWorldwide.  More on locations on this link here.   Cast members have posted various behind the scenes pics from Prague and Czech Republic during filming of the show.

Luke Pasqualino, Santiago Cabrera BTS The Musketeers Prague

Santiago and Luke post soccer session on a day off from shooting The Musketeers, on steps below park in a beautiful overlook of City of Prague.

Luke Pasqualino, Santiago Cabrera BTS The Musketeers

Santi and Luke after shooting Season 1 Ep. 9 on location taking a break swimming in the quarry.

Santiago Cabrera, Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles BTS The Musketeers

Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera. The boys camaraderie on set carries over into a true real life friendship off-set. Here they are enjoying a night on the town after shooting The Musketeers episodes on location in Prague.

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